Becoming a Social Media Guru?

Hi there new online marketer, I have seven seconds to tell you that your efforts will, in time, meet with success. As long as you apply yourself to the appropriate tasks you WILL prevail. If you are reading this text line then I got your attention within seven seconds - Web Lesson Two.

However your looking for Lesson One, which is 'Understand Your Technology'. Even more important is to know what your technology can do to bring you closer to your online customer. Author Stewart Brand is quoted 'Once a new technology rolls over you, if you're not part of the steamroller, you're part of the road.'

The challenge with the web is that technologies are changing pretty much on a daily basis. So what is needed is a customer technology funnel. Yep, you guessed it that's what we do at Online Customer. At no cost. So sit back, become our friend and partner in bringing together online business and their online customers.

We provide information that relates to acquiring online customers and supporting them with latest technology, research and programs. In short, if it relates to an online customer it's important to us. And you.

Online Customer searches, sifts and delivers quality online customer-related technology, both emerging and established from around the globe. All packaged in our website to make your life easier. Much easier. Its what we do, and we love it.

We also provide links to companies who are hands on with interactive marketing, online CRM, social media, quality tested ROI metrics programs, and all the other critical niche services.

Our mission is to deliver state-of-the-art online customer acquisition and support technologies, what they do, their cross-media interactions, and how to implement them into your business.

So whilst success takes time, let some of that time be ours.

Stay connected, Chris

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The Key

As with most aspects of life people will each have an opinion as to what business really is. Equally interesting is that we use the word business, in newspapers, on the web, in books and conversations as if there is one 'thing' we call business. And yet there is no doubt that business can be described in a multitude of ways. 'Business' as a group of people (staff) who gather together to meet the needs of other people (their customers). Or 'business' is the arrangement of resources in such a way as to provide a range of products and services to their company's customers. From the accountant's viewpoint a business is a complilation of profit centres (departments) that overall provide a revenue generated from customers.
Nowadays with the advent of the web businesses can look very different. A single website might attach to several, or even hundreds, of other websites that provide anciliary services, or advertising revenue. The common thread being the online customers that have the opportunity to see what each company has to offer, often within a blink of an eye.
And yet the blink of an eye can be enough to grab the attention of a web traveler, of which there are currently almost two billion...and climbing (
The world has come a long way in such a short time. Less than thirty years ago setting up a 'bricks-and-mortar' shop and waiting for customers was all it took, with the addition of an element of salesmanship.
Yet the fundamentals haven't changed. Customers still look at goods and make an assessment. What has changed is the enrichment of customer base. Essentially anyone who has an internet connection can become a customer.
The web is right now an enormous opportunity for anyone who wants to sell a product or service. The use of web social media is simply a modern-day version of customer 'word-of-mouth' oftentimes without the customer saying a word. How neat.

This is just the beginning of customerisation of the web. Right now data-mining and especially artificial intelligence engines are increasingly able to tailor-make customer 'shopping trips', even on a global scale.
Key to this evolution, and always consistent, is the need to meet the needs of the online customer. The companies that apply technology as a 'servant' of the customer will prevail.
Concept: its easy to focus on the technology at the expense of the customer.