The Business Plan takes priority...

Social networking or social media is an online family of eCocoon customers just waiting to hear what you have to offer. And with over one billion potential online purchasers social network growth is going to be exponential, at least for the next five to ten years. Your timing is as good as it gets.

But where does social networking, as an example, figure in your Business Plan? Yep, I did say Business Plan because most small businesses that fail invariably don’t have a proper Business Plan.

The general pattern for non-corporate sites is: 1. start basic site 2. add more web pages 3. look for ways to make money 4. make merchant contacts or add Adwords 5. stick at it 6. your site ‘popularity’ increases 7. add to your merchant partners 8. improve your social media links, online surveys, CRM programs, add flash gadgets 9. your eyes are glued to the screen incessantly. And yes you can achieve a Google page one if your niche is small enough 10. you give up because the clicks don’t convert to money 11. Sorry it stops at 10, unless you introduce a Business Plan.

And if your business does fail you join the vast majority of failed start-ups that preceded you. Maybe wiser maybe not. But you can go a long way to avoid failure by spending say two days doing a business plan.

Perhaps you’ve never done one before. Not a problem. My suggestion is to find a Business Plan template, don't worry about how it looks, or whether you can get a better one.

Most critical is to figure out what makes your business special. Once you do this, and re-do it every year thereafter, the process of marketing to your customers will become much more focused, and significanlty more effective.

There are endless business plan templates on the web, some are even free. Hmmm you say. I spent one minute and have found this one for you, without any catches, in...Australia: Business Plan Samples. In any case search the web and choose whatever suits your needs. But spend no more than 60 minutes doing it. Delay is a killer in business, so start right now and visualize your 'projected' success.

Concept: to build a structure needs a plan.

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