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In your thirst for knowledge, be sure not to drown in all the information. ~Anthony J. D'Angelo, The College Blue Book.

So you want a high ranking website? That’s cool, and so does everyone else, including It’s a worthy aspiration. High rank with smart monetization will deliver a profitable site. aims to evolve into the definitive online marketing and online reading site on the web, dedicated to your understanding of site building, CRM, web marketing and much more.

Our list of tips and tools articles are experience-based, and offer a unique perspective. High-level click-to-customer-rates occur only with websites that are individual, cutting edge and have a REAL offering to potential online customers.

External to we provide links to other specialist web companies whose experience could save you many hours of ‘hit and miss’, and move you out of the hobby category. But it’s always your choice.

It’s our job to scan the web for online marketing, web-building and web-optimising experience-driven literature that will help you target your online customers and rank higher. It’s also our job to sift out opportunistic (light-on-material) sources for you.

The ‘customer drivers to purchase’ (i.e. benefits and trust) are the same for online and offline, even though the purchase environment is different. Hence you will notice references for offline sources. Our advice is to read them.

You body text needs to achieve alignment with search engines and equally (if not more) with your prospective customers. Online customers need only read a few paragraphs to know whether you have the right offering AND if you are an online business they can TRUST. The cogency of your word delivery, content and products are the key.

Websites need to be geared towards capturing customers at the pre-qualified level. Beginning-with-the-end-in-mind your content and structure will correlate with search text, offer high value-added links to your customer, and also satisfy the search engines that you are the leader of your niche.

I invite you to search the web with focused eyes, and see how many sites have ‘overly sensational linked material’ as their only strategy to capture your click. Our prediction is that as engines become more sophisticated (very soon) ‘sensationalised’ sites that play the keyword ‘game’ will be quickly disregarded.

Our free membership library and your e-determination will help you win the day. Our kindest wishes for your web building.

The Online-Customer Team

p.s. if you come across an ‘online read’ which you think will help web-builders please let us know.

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